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Why are fire extinguishers essential to keep in your car?

Fire extinguishers for the car? Might be you are surprised too like me why fire extinguishers are necessary for the car? You might hear fire extinguishers are essential for commercial, residential or business place. Although now it is recommended to keep an extinguisher in your vehicle as well because most of the time small fire can cause huge loss. In this blog, I am going to let you know main reasons for keeping fire extinguishers in your car. Let’s have a look

  • To get rid of Small car fires

Somehow the minor problem leads you toward massive loss so it would be a convenient way to grasp problem in the start so fire extinguishers in the car would help you out. In some situations, you are driving on the road, and some other vehicle might be engulfed with small fire then probably you can save other lives too due to this act. You can easily avoid a deadly accident if you are driving with 2-3 people more they can quickly take it out extinguisher and use that rather than being a worry to stop a car in desolate place and extinguish the fire.

  • Carrying a piece of mind with you

By carrying extinguisher will give you piece of mind because might be you won’t often face such type of severe issues but you will be satisfied all the way especially in a long journey where you have to drive for 5-6 hours. A few days ago I was traveling to Leeds, so I kept fire extinguishers for Leeds trip with me because no one knows how the emergency situation can happen to anyone.

  • Overheated Engine

Your engine might get problems during your travel due to several issues which you didn’t notice. In the case of such situations, you will experience fire flames, and this can be risky too. We all know overheated engine will continuously burn the fuel and it can generate fire so fire extinguisher with you can help you out from such situation.

  • Relief for others in emergency

Suppose you are traveling and you see a car which is consuming fire flames and your fire extinguisher would be a relief for someone in such disastrous situation. You would be delighted to help anyone else.

  • To utilize in another spot

You never know when you will face emergency so by keeping fire kit in your car would be useful. If you are Visiting Park area or some other place then by having this you can quickly deal emergency situation anywhere you need to do.


These are some main reasons which would increase the need of fire extinguishers in cars, and I am pretty much sure you will keep it with you all the way after knowing all these circumstances. Fire safety doesn’t matter for your home or business place security it has become an essential need for your vehicle too for your long road trips. You don’t know exactly when will emergency happen, so it is better to prepare your mind early before going somewhere.