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Fire Alarm Maintenance

Does your fire protection need upgrading? At Raydaw Fire Protection we can provide updates to your present fire alarm system and offer you a full fire alarm maintenance package. We can make a survey of the property and offer advice about extra installations before putting together a custom designed package of maintenance that will meet your company’s needs. The importance of a well maintained fire alarm system is evident when you consider what could go wrong if the fire alarm failed to work when needed. We have been supplying fire protection systems for many years and have fully trained engineers who will provide advice and information about the latest updates in fire alarms systems. Additionally, we offer you a dedicated fire alarm maintenance plan that includes regular testing, an emergency call out service and fault finding. Our staff can also help you to prevent any future faults or failures of the system be recommending modifications to the system.

Fire alarm maintenance and services from Raydaw will also supply the necessary knowledge to your members of staff who are designated fire wardens. We can advise you about the siting of alarms and the best situation for assembly points. It is vital to designate assembly points away from glass and any other dangerous structures or materials. Battery testing is another service that Raydaw Fire Protection offers in line with fire safety regulations.

Categories Of Fire Alarms

There are a number of categories of fire alarms available from Raydaw Fire Protection. Many businesses choose a simple manual fire alarm that is activated when the glass is broken but the latest alarms feature an automatic fire detection system that helps to give an early warning of any fire. The automatic systems are designed to help with an immediate evacuation should fire break out and will help to get occupants out of the building as quickly as possible.

Fire alarm maintenance for automatic fire alarms is demanded by insurance companies and it is the legal responsibility of a business owner to ensure the safety of employees and clients. In addition, you could save many thousands of pounds in damage if a fire is quickly contained.

The many benefits of reliable fire alarm maintenance are featured on our website www.raydaw.co.uk. Why not ring us for an estimate of cost for a comprehensive fire alarm maintenance contract. The number to call is 0800 840 2067. Or, you can request a call by completing details of your requirements on the contact form. Raydaw Fire Protection is ready to survey and maintain any type of fire alarm system and will ensure that your fire protection fully complies with the latest fire regulations.