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Emergency Lighting Installation in Manchester

Raydaw Fire Protection has a full range of emergency lighting systems including LED exit signs, down-lights and twin spots. We are a local business that specializes in all fire systems including essential emergency escape lighting that is part of the mandatory features of the fire safety regulations of 2005. It is no longer enough to have fire detection and fire alarms in Essex. Many people who are inside a building when a fire occurs suffer disorientation and are unable to find their way to the nearest exit. This is often the case when the normal electricity supply has failed due to fire damage. In these cases, there is an urgent need for standby lighting that operates from batteries. Emergency lighting will guide occupants of the building to the nearest exit.

The installation of escape route lighting can be carried out by our expert engineers who will place the lights in specific areas. These are usually along corridors, lobbies and any area where fire exits or fire escapes are situated. Emergency lighting Manchester servicing is accompanied by documentation that will enable you to get full fire certification for your premises.

Emergency And Open Area Lighting in Manchester

At Raydaw Fire Protection we have a range of products to fit every situation. Whether your business is small or large we can survey, supply and install the most effective fire protection services including emergency and open area lighting. Open area lighting is often known as anti-panic lighting. It allows the occupants of a building to have a clear view of the best escape routes and this is especially important for buildings that have a large number of people inside. All of the emergency lights that we supply have a guarantee for the number of hours that they will operate for. Additionally, we can service and maintain your lighting system as and when you require.

If the mains supply to your premises fails due to fire, lights that allows everyone to safely evacuate the property is essential. As a noted local business in the fire protection industry we are best placed to advise and supply your company with emergency lighting. We will carry out a risk assessment and offer advice about how to minimize the risk of damage to people and property by fire. Emergency lighting should be situated over fire exits and signage as well as in large open areas where there is more than one escape exit.

Call us today on 0800 840 2067 and find out more about the Raydaw services. We can also be contacted using the form on the website here. Don’t put your employees and business at risk, call us today to see how we can help.

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